Upcoming Workshops & Events

Due to the outbreak of covid19 and the present government guidelines, we are currently unable to run our chocolate workshops. We hope it won't be long until we can welcome people back into the chocolate kitchen, but in the meantime, please have a read and discover more about our classes.  

Our main workshops include a variety of 2-hour (£50), or full-day (£130) classes to cover more techniques, and are suitable for ages 16+

Many classes are suitable for vegan/dairy-free needs (please read the full descriptions to check


 - Bar Moulding: (2 hours) Decorate, hand-temper and mould your own set of small and large chocolate bars in this workshop. Learn the basics of tempering and using professional moulds!

 - Tempering Masterclass: (2 hours) Learn the secrets of getting that perfect shine and ‘snap’ on your chocolate! Practice your tempering by the seeding and tabling methods, before piping some mendiants topped with all sorts of treats

 - Truffles & Pralines: (2 hours) Make and flavour your own freshly prepared ganaches to make your perfect truffle. Learn how to pipe, enrobe and hand-roll your truffles and pralines the artisan way.


 - Figure Moulding & Caramels: (2 hours) Hand decorate and mould your own hollow figures, from Santas, to Easter eggs and heart boxes, before piping and hand-rolling salted caramels to finish.


 - Full Day Workshops: Come and spend the day in our kitchen learning the tricks of the trade, and making a variety of different chocolate products to take home and wow your friends and family! Sessions may vary, so check the details online!

Each one of these fantastic workshops will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to make your own chocolates at home. You will receive notes on the methods and techniques learnt during the class and, most importantly, you will get take home all your creations! (Which we think is the best bit!)

The informal nature of these classes makes for a fun and sociable experience and they are designed to ensure each attendee gets enough help along the way if needed, so whether you're attending solo or with a friend or family member, we're sure you'll have a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, under the current circumstances, we will not be able to host our workshops until we deem it safe to do so. If these workshops sound like something you'd love to do, or you know someone who is keen to learn all about chocolate making, you can purchase a voucher in our online shop. We have extended the expiration date in order to accommodate any current voucher holders and anyone who wishes to purchase a voucher. We will update the page accordingly and we cannot wait to be up and running again in the future.


No upcoming events at the moment

**Please note that any unused vouchers will be extended for a further 2 years to give you plenty of time to use it**