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At Zara's Chocolates we are committed to keeping our waste as low as possible, and maintaining high moral standards as a team. Please read on to discover more about our environmental values and the steps we've taken as a company to do our bit in keeping the planet healthy and thriving. 


As a business, we endeavour to be as eco-friendly as possible. We are powered by Green electricity from Bristol Energy and we light our shop with LED lighting to keep our energy usage low. These, along with daily recycling, are the fundamentals of our day to day running of the shop. If we're not recycling, we're re-using and re-purposing our cardboard and packing paper that we receive in our regular deliveries, which is so useful for storage and padding out all the parcels to send to customers.

When it comes to the packaging of our products, we continue ticking the boxes. You'll be delighted to know that the majority of our seemingly plastic packaging is actually made from biodegradable and compostable materials, meaning that they will break down much faster than standard plastic, isn't that great? We are currently working to have each and every product in the shop packaged using responsible materials, and we're not far off reaching that goal! 

We are noticing a heightened awareness and interest from our customers and followers surrounding the plastic-free movement and we're proud to be part of a strong community in Bristol that holds zero-waste high up on the list of it's priorities.  We're always delighted when someone brings in their own re-usable cup, or their very own container for filling with chocolates, or even better, when people ask for the chocolate to go straight in their hand, no messing about there! 

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